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I was one of two co-leaders who started an offline craft group in a church. When Covid hit the craft group collapsed I concentrated on completing the book. Once the book was done the idea of the activity packs was born. Then it was a case of how do you make that into a proper […]

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Take small steps

Those are huge steps for a small child, aren’t they? The thing is that it is only by moving from one step to the next that they will get to the end of the path. The stones are put in place by others. The child can follow those big stones and get to the destination.

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Recognise achievements

It sounds unbelievable but there are adults who have been given certificates of completion for doing a course to help them count up to three. It might sound like something you would do with a pre-school child but some adults are so challenged by cognitive impairment that it is a considerable achievement. We often think

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Unconditional regard

OK, unconditional regard sounds very professional, doesn’t it? What the church and family counselling world is more comfortable using is unconditional love. Love has a number of facets. It includes cherishing people especially women and respecting people especially men. Holding people in high regard is not that dissimilar to love but you are neatly side-stepping

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Autonomy for all

Many of us like to make decisions for ourselves. In fact, if we do not make decisions for ourselves we feel like slaves or worse still robots that are programmed to do certain things but that look like humans. It leaves us feeling diminished and not enough as someone else had to make the choices

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