Autonomy for all

Many of us like to make decisions for ourselves. In fact, if we do not make decisions for ourselves we feel like slaves or worse still robots that are programmed to do certain things but that look like humans. It leaves us feeling diminished and not enough as someone else had to make the choices for us.

The fancy word for this is autonomy

Think about it, prisoners are told what to do and when to do things. Their loss of liberty is a punishment for not doing the right thing. They are forced to live with serious restrictions because of the mistakes they have made previously.

Unless you are in jail you should be able govern yourself. That means being helped to make choices. This is not always easy when someone is limited in what they can do.

Making choices can be risky

Yes, there is a risk that people will make a decision that ultimately will harm them but that is what liberty is about. It is making our own choices but then taking the consequences.

In terms of a craft project, the answer to the problem of the craftee making a silly decision is to suggest that something else might be better because it does not have that consequence. You do not tell them what to do you offer them a better choice so that it is still their choice rather than that of the supporter.

Letting people make decisions for themselves helps to give them dignity. It makes them feel more like an adult than a child. It helps them do as much as they can for themselves for as long as they can.

BTW it reminds me of treating others in the way that we would like to be treated.

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