Blossom with Susan

Module 1 BWS01 Introduction to blossoming
Unit 1 BWS Introduction to blossoming  
Unit 2 BWS stage 01 Recognise that we need to do something  
Unit 3 BWS 01.1 Developing a willingness to change  
Unit 4 BWS 01.2 Checking where the limitations are  
Unit 5 BWS 01.3 What we achieve depends on how we play the game  
Module 2 BWS02 Become more aware
Unit 1 BWS stage 02 Become more aware  
Unit 2 BWS 02.1 Importance of focus  
Unit 3 BWS 02.2 Some useful tools  
Unit 4 BWS 02.3 Think what you are doing  
Unit 5 BWS 02.4 Resources to help you  
Module 3 BWS03 Prepare to move
Unit 1 BWS stage 03 Prepare to move on  
Unit 2 BWS 03.1 Developing our plans  
Unit 3 BWS 03.2 It is necessary to put in the effort now to get a reward later  
Module 4 BWS04 Realise the feelings are not facts
Unit 1 BWS stage 04 Realise that feelings are not facts  
Unit 2 BWS 04.1 Dealing with fear  
Unit 3 BWS 04.2 Effects of fear  
Unit 4 BWS 04.3 Is it really fear?  
Unit 5 BWS 04.4 Other negative emotions  
Unit 6 BWS 04.5 The impact of the environment around us  
Module 5 BWS05 Get the power
Unit 1 BWS Stage 05 Get the power  
Unit 2 BWS 05.2 Power comes from knowing where we are going i.e. having goals  
Unit 3 BWS 05.3 Power comes from making the most of what we have  
Unit 4 BWS 05.4 Power enables us to overcome obstacles  
Module 6 BWS06 Cultivate healthy relationships
Unit 1 BWS stage 06 Cultivate healthy behaviour  
Unit 2 BWS 06.2 Develop good habits  
Unit 3 BWS 06.3 Avoid procrastination  
Unit 4 BWS 06.4 Is it an obstacle or an opportunity?  
Unit 5 BWS 06.5 Be persistent  
Unit 6 BWS 06.6 Facing discomfort or inconvenience  
Module 7 BWS07 Cultivate healthy thinking
Unit 1 BWS stage 07 Cultivate healthy thinking  
Unit 2 BWS 07.2 Focus on what we have rather than what we do not have  
Unit 3 BWS 07.3 Learn to handle change  
Unit 4 BWS 07.4 Avoid resentment  
Unit 5 BWS 07.5 The importance of declarations or proclamations  
Unit 6 BWS 07.6 Maintain the right expectations  
Module 8 BWS08 Cultivate healthy relationships
Unit 1 BWS stage 08 Cultivate healthy relationships  
Unit 2 BWS 08.2 Gathering associates  
Unit 3 BWS 08.3 Dealing with negative relationships  
Unit 4 BWS 08.4 Electronic relationships  
Unit 5 BWS 08.5 Find people you can learn from  
Module 9 BWS09 Use and develop other resources
Unit 1 BWS stage 09 Use and develop other resources  
Unit 2 BWS 09.2 Knowledge and the ability to learn  
Unit 3 BWS 09.3 Self-confidence  
Unit 4 BWS 09.4 Our words  
Module 10 BWS10 Importance of personal evaluation
Unit 1 BWS stage 10 Importance of personal evaluation  
Unit 2 BWS 10.2 Maintaining accountability  
Unit 3 BWS 10.3 We are all different  
Unit 4 BWS 10.4 Our experiences differ  
Unit 5 BWS 10.5 What legacy do we want to leave for others?  
Module 11 BWS11 Get on with life
Unit 1 BWS Stage 11 Get on with life  
Unit 2 BWS 11.2 Continue to look ahead  
Unit 3 BWS 11.3 Continue to be kind to yourself  
Unit 4 BWS 11.4 Continue to stretch yourself  
Module 12 BWS12 Give it time
Unit 1 BWS stage 12 Give it time  
Unit 2 BWS 12.2 It takes time to grow into what the future holds for us  
Unit 3 BWS 12.3 It takes time to gain the necessary experience  
Unit 4 BWS 12.4 It takes time to gain the necessary knowledge  
Unit 5 BWS 12.5 It takes time to reach the levels we want to reach  
Unit 6 BWS 12.6 It takes time to achieve all the different things that we want to achieve  
Unit 7 BWS Conclusion  
Module 13 BWS excuses
Unit 1 It is just too risky  
Unit 2 If I do this then the family will suffer  
Unit 3 What is in it for me?  
Unit 4 What will they say?  
Unit 5 We have always done it this way  
Unit 6 We have always done it this way  
Module 14 BWS The way forwards (check against campaign course/units to see if duplicated)
Unit 1 02 Finding your sphere of influence  
Unit 2 03 How will I pay the bills and work in my sphere of influence?  
Unit 3 06 Handling objections  
Unit 4 04 Gathering wisdom about our sphere of influence by education and working for others  
Unit 5 07 How are you going to work in your sphere of influence?  
Unit 6 09 Developing a plan to resolve a social problem  
Unit 7 10 Dealing with change  
Unit 8 11 What can we do for others?  
Unit 9 13 Starting a campaign  
Unit 10 08 Ideas about the products that your business or organisation could offer  
Unit 11 01 What could you do to change the world and how could you do it?  
Unit 12 12 Preparing a teaching programme  
Unit 13 14 Using the Internet  
Unit 14 15 Reproducing your project  
Unit 15 05 Other ways of gathering wisdom about our sphere of influence  
Module 15 BWS Boundaries
Unit 1 If we do not stop then we would not be supporting or recognising those who have helped us  
Unit 2 If we do not stop we would give something a higher priority than it should have in our life  
Unit 3 If we do not stop we would not have the rest that we need  
Unit 4 If we do not stop those who have gone ahead of you will not be honoured  
Unit 5 If we do not stop people will die or suffer harm unnecessarily  
Unit 6 If we do not stop we would be sharing things that are not designed to be shared  
Unit 7 If we do not stop others would lose things that belong to them that they want to keep or should keep  
Unit 8 If we do not stop we would lose our integrity  
Unit 9 If we do not stop we would be seeking too much for the wrong reasons  
Unit 10 BWS Acceptable boundaries  
Unit 11 BWS We should not share those things that are not designed to be shared  
Module 16 BWS Consequences of not blossoming
Unit 1 We can become jealous of others  
Unit 2 We can look for alternative ways of achieving "success"  
Unit 3 We do not fulfil our destiny or purpose in life  
Unit 4 Will anyone else be able to do it instead?  
Unit 5 We have to deal with the after effects  
Unit 6 We start believing we are limited  
Unit 7 We develop defence strategies  
Module 17 BWS but where?
Unit 1 How can you blossom into all that you can be?  
Unit 2 Some questions for those considering what product they will offer people  
Unit 3 Blossoming! What is it?  
Unit 4 All that glisters is not gold  
Unit 5 Where is the money to get started going to come from?  
Unit 6 Other excuses we can give a third party  
Unit 7 Some more excuses  
Unit 8 Blossoming! What do you mean?  
Unit 9 Writing  
Unit 10 If we don't blossom then what  
Unit 11 Can you fulfil your purpose and still have enough money to survive?  
Unit 12 Why is loving what you do important?  
Unit 13 Why is it important to love the real you and accept yourself as you are?  
Unit 14 Was our purpose stolen from us?  
Unit 15 Getting under way  
Module 18 Unassigned units probably not BWS
Unit 1 a1.2  
Unit 2 1.7  
Unit 3 Ideas from YouTube  
Unit 4 SK Knitting and senses  
Unit 5 SK Simple but not childish  
Unit 6 SK Choose your projects carefully  
Unit 7 SK Finding things to do with the offline craft group – the biggest challenge  
Unit 8 test  
Unit 9 SK A guy who remade himself  
Unit 10 SK The guy who reinvented himself  
Unit 11 SK Knitting in the UK  
Unit 12 Extras  
Unit 13 CG 01.01 Getting started  
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