Outline Plan-units

Module 1 OP Introduction to Planning
Unit 1 OP Who is this outline plan for?  
Unit 2 OP Why plan?  
Unit 3 OP The importance of communication  
Unit 4 OP Ideas for Christians  
Unit 5 OP What do those you are presenting the plan to want to get out of the project?  
Unit 6 OP Research the people you are trying to persuade to support you  
Module 2 About the project
Unit 1 OP Who are the intended beneficiaries of this project?  
Unit 2 OP What need does it meet?  
Unit 3 OP How did you discover this need?  
Unit 4 OP What level of need is there?  
Module 3 About you
Unit 1 OP Why are you a good person to start this project?  
Unit 2 OP What relevant experience do you have?  
Unit 3 OP What qualifications do you have, if any?  
Unit 4 OP What reading or additional study have you done?  
Unit 5 OP How does this fit in with your gifting and other interests?  
Unit 6 OP Why this section on why you are the right person to start this project can be so hard to complete?  
Module 4 What are others doing about this issue?
Unit 1 OP Learning from others  
Unit 2 OP Facing competition  
Module 5 How are you going to let the intended beneficiaries know what is on offer?
Unit 1 OP Awareness raising methods  
Unit 2 OP Some general points  
Module 6 What do you need from your working relationship?
Unit 1 OP Where do you meet?  
Unit 2 OP Financial support  
Unit 3 OP Organisational back up  
Module 7 The finishing touches
Unit 1 OP Ancient wisdom  
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