Selling what you have made

Module 1 STALL Getting the basics right
Unit 1 STALLS Why do you want to go out there?  
Unit 2 STALL What type of market are you looking for  
Unit 3 STALLS What to expect at a carnival  
Unit 4 STALL Where is this stall?  
Unit 5 STALLS Finding carnival organisers and booking stalls  
Unit 6 STALLS Costs of having a stall  
Module 2 STALL Marketing your stall
Unit 1 STALLS Branding  
Unit 2 STALLS Building your own Facebook page  
Unit 3 STALL Is it a hobby or a business?  
Unit 4 STALL Become a specialist to stand out from the crowd  
Module 3 STALL are you ready? (your risk assessment)
Unit 1 STALLS Are you ready for the weather?  
Unit 2 STALLS Other possible risks to think about  
Unit 3 STALLS Think and be sensible  
Unit 4 STALL Build in resilience  
Module 4 STALL Packing up ready to go to the market
Unit 1 STALL Preparing for an indoor stall  
Unit 2 STALLS Preparing for an outdoor stall  
Unit 3 STALLS Expect the unexpected  
Unit 4 STALL What do you wear at the market?  
Unit 5 STALL How do you chose what to sell?  
Module 5 STALL While you are there
Unit 1 STALLS How do you attract attention to your stall?  
Unit 2 STALLS How do you position your stall?  
Unit 3 STALLS How do you arrange the furniture?  
Unit 4 STALLS What goes on your stall?  
Unit 5 STALLS Presentation is important  
Unit 6 STALL It is hard selling something to someone who does not know they need what you have to offer?  
Module 6 STALL Getting ready to come home
Unit 1 STALL When do you pack up?  
Unit 2 STALLS Taking down and packing up  
Module 7 STALL Recovery and review
Unit 1 STALL Recovery  
Unit 2 STALL Review  
Unit 3 STALL Physical recovery  
Unit 4 STALL Building a relationship with the organisers  
Unit 5 STALL Watch and learn  
Module 8 STALL YT
Unit 1 STALL  
Unit 2 STALL What do you sell?  
Unit 3 STALL Hans Meier videos  
Unit 4 STALL Attracting people to your stall YT  
Unit 5 STALL Ideas for display YT  
Unit 6 Craft show checklist YT  
Unit 7 STALL Setting up for a craft fair YT  
Unit 8 STALL pop up YT  
Unit 9 STALL preparing for a craft show YT  
Unit 10 STALL Tips video  
Unit 11 STALL Tips from him  
Unit 12 STAL Tips video Australia  
Unit 13 STALL Tips video  
Unit 14 STALL Bolton fair  
Unit 15 STALL Checklist adn money  
Unit 16 STALL tips on wood  
Unit 17 STALL YT  
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