Module 1 CG What do you need to know before designing your ideal gathering?
Unit 1 CG 01.01 Who are you serving?
Unit 2 CG 01.02 What is in it for those who attend?
Unit 3 CG 01.03 What is in it for those who send people to a craft group?
Unit 4 CG 01.04 What is in it for you?
Module 2 CG What do you need to get started?
Unit 1 CG 2.01 Venue
Unit 2 CG 02.02 Resources
Module 3 CG What do you make?
Unit 1 CG 03.01 Crafts can mean a variety of things
Unit 2 CG 01.05 Can you earn a living from crafting?
Module 4 From heavenly crafts book
Unit 1 CG Where did the ideas for the activities we did come from?
Unit 2 CG What things did we find useful to keep in store
Unit 3 CG Activity idea one – salt dough
Unit 4 CG Activity idea two – card making
Unit 5 CG Activity idea three – stamping
Unit 6 CG Activity idea four – using specialist pens to decorate various items
Unit 7 CG Activity idea five - peg loom weaving
Unit 8 CG Activity idea six – shrink plastic
Unit 9 CG Activity idea seven – stained glass pictures
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