Engagement is essential

An engagement ring like this is the sign of a very precious agreement, i.e. an agreement to get married and stick by each other through thick and thin for the rest of your days. You may be one who knows the reality of this as you are looking for activities to do with a spouse who is not the person that they once were.

Engagement is working together towards a goal

One of the thing that happens when you get engaged is that you start working together towards a goal. The most obvious goal is the wedding day. There is a longer term purpose as well in the sense of preparing for married life. This may come in the form of setting up home together or in discussions sometimes guided by a third party. You are working towards a new and more connected future.

Engagement is also used in another way. It is used in education in the sense that the aim is to engage learners in the class activities. Once they are engaged the teaching and learning processes become easier. Engagement in that situation is a bridge that enables ideas to cross backwards and forwards so that the learning process can be effective.

The challenge when it comes to supporting someone who is limited in some way is finding things that enable you to connect and engage with each other. It can be hard finding things that make it possible for that kind of engagement to happen.

There are so many other things you can be doing in terms of caring for someone like preparing food and helping them eat it, cleaning the house, making sure they look presentable including dressing them and doing the laundry. OK it can be easier doing things on your own but doing them together builds relationships and is better for the weaker one in the relationship.

You are spending time doing this so how will you find the time to set up crafts activities that you can do together just for fun. That is where Everyone CAN Craft can help. The activity packs are designed as shortcuts to enjoyable times doing things together. We have done the heavy lifting in terms of finding the things that will help you enjoy creating things together.

Have a look around and see what you can find.

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