Going to Mold?

Mold is a town in north Wales. It is pretty little town and it is home to a number of markets. The livestock market and farmer’s market are not places where Everyone CAN Craft is likely to be found. The artisan’s market that in 2021 has been held one Sunday a month is more like it as far as Everyone CAN Craft is concerned. We have been to that market a time or two. We have even been to the retail market a time or two.

What do we take to the market?

We take some of Susan’s books and some of the metal bookmarks she has made. Then there are the samples of the things from the online shop such as T-shirts. bags and mugs. On top of all that we take the activity packs we have created.

Being at the market is a great opportunity to talk to people and to get to know what they are looking for. One lady saw a T-shirt and loved the message but said that now she was in her 80s she was too old to wear a T-shirt like that. The answer to that was that the exact same message is on a bag. She liked the bag enough to buy it. One happy customer.

We can encourage people to craft

Its sad though how many people think that they are no longer able to make things. For some it is the extra work responsbilities they have. For others it is some form of physical decline. It might be tremors that make it hard to hold things still or arthritus that makes it hard to hold anything.

They are surprised when they find out that there are things that they can do. Many say they struggle with knitting or crochet so there is nothing that they can make with yarn. Wrong! There is peg loom weaving. Not many know about this different form of yarncraft but it is very simple and is something that the majority of people can do even someone if their hands do not work in the same way as a “normal” person.

Yes we don’t necessarily make any money from conversations like that but we do fulfill one of the objectives in our community benefit statement. One of our stated aims is to help people craft so that they gain the health benefits. Just talking to them at the market helps us fulfill that objective.

You see if we did not have anything to sell we would not be going to the market. By going out to sell stuff we have the chance to meet people and achieve our objectives. It is what some people call a self-liquidating activity. In other words it achieves one of our objectives by doing something that pays for the activity. Our objective is to talk to people and encourage them but we sell enough stuff on the stall to cover the rent.

Going to Mold yourself?

We cannot guarantee that we will be there every week as things happen. But if you are in the area and you see the retail market or artisan’s market on a Saturday or Sunday look out for us. Most of the time we use bright blue table covers and white display stands. Oh and then there is the Everyone CAN Craft sign with the message of Crafting a healing journey for people and places.

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