Nearly blown away at Mold

Mold is the nearest place to me that still has a bank.  One reason why the banks are still open is that there is both a livestock market and an ordinary retail market. It is a town based around markets and the artisans market just adds to the mix.

The weather forecast said it might rain although the risk of rain and amount of rain forecast lessened in the few days beforehand. What the weather forecast did not get right was the strong breeze. It moved anything not firmly anchored.

I put up the clothes rail but it was not long before it blew down. I had not thought to include some clamps in my boxes so I could not hold it in place on the table. I had to go to plan B. Instead of the aprons being displayed at the end of the clothes rail they had to be folded up on the table and some books put on them to make sure that they stayed in position.

If you look carefully in the next picture you can see the clothes rail. I could not put it in the car as it was some distance away in the car park.

Mind you look at those t-shirts and that table cloth both moving in the breeze. Some leaflets were put on a laptop stand that happened to have elastic on it. Once under the elastic, they could not blow away. Even the cloth with some badges on it is blowing around despite being held down with a clip that is supposed to hold a table cloth in place. Some of those divider cards in the boxes had to be held in place by a clothes peg to stop them from being blown out of the boxes. Thankfully I had brought more white clothes pegs than I thought I would need to hold the signs in place on the gazebo.

The contents of the green box under the stand were used to protect the books from the drizzly rain that also made the day uncomfortable. Unfortunately for me, the rain came across in my direction. The guy behind me hardly felt the rain as he and his stall were protected by my stall.

The bookmarks were supposed to be put on a folding stand about 16 inches tall. That stand stayed in its box once it was obvious how windy it was. There were some on the black laptop stand that had black elastic on it so that came out instead

The boxes with the full set of activities in them really needed to be left open so that people could see what was in them. Of course, when you left them open and the drizzle started they got wet so they had to be bagged to protect them.

I tried using pegs to hold the coat hangers onto the frame of the gazebo with clothes pegs but the wind was strong enough to break the pegs and the T-shirts met the floor a time or two.

As the afternoon progressed we heard a bang from one direction as what sounded like a piece of wood was blown down. There was a crash from another direction as what was probably pottery or glass hit the ground. Shortly afterwards the organiser said it was too dangerous to continue and we were free to pack up a couple of hours early.

Lessons learnt

The strength of the breeze had taken us all by surprise and I really was not as prepared as I could have been. The thing about doing things like this is that you are always learning. Everywhere is different.

I need to dig out what clamps I can find and put them into the boxes to hold things in place. Maybe a strap would help hold the clothes rail in place. I need to find more covers for the clothes as well. Clear ones so you can still see the colour and better still see the pictures and read the words.

I need more safety pins with me to tidy up the sheet corners and hopefully stop the sheets from blowing around quite so much. I could just give in and get a stretchy table cloth that fastens around the legs of the table. One problem though with that is that unless you spend the money to get a purpose designed one there is little choice other than white or black.

The thing I did do right was to bring the white laptop stand that had elastic around it. These leaflets had at other times happily sat on the table but this time they had to be held in place.

The thing is there is no such thing as inappropriate weather only people who are inappropriately prepared for the weather conditions at that time. I was definitely inappropriately prepared for the weather. Something I really need to improve upon. Do that I might be able to concentrate on making the stall tidy rather than just trying to keep everything safe.

Colour matters

Colour matters to me. For me getting the colours right on a project is probably the most important thing. The big splash of colour comes from the table covering and it is easy to get a set of matching covers when you buy them all at the same time. Bright blue table covers help you stand out from the crowd but they do need to be set up carefully i.e. pinned into place. The other advantage of doing it this way is that you can change the splash of colour easily as I can swap the bright blue sheets with magenta, deep purple or forest green ones from the cupboard.

White accessories only add to the impact of the colour. It is actually easier to gather a collection of white accessories that work together than it is in many other colours. I was disappointed that I had to use black to make the bookmarks stand out. I did try putting them on a white tree one time and they were all but invisible.

Being able to have the right colour matters to me so much that I would like to have as wide a range of colours in the T-shirts as possible. The problem is how do you display them all on a stall and how do you set up a shop that shows so many colour choices. That is something I have still to get my head around.

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