Pretty as a picture

I had an idea then I saw these photo frames and was able to bring the idea to reality. It was quite simple really. I had this dark teal coloured card and I wondered what a shape cut out of white paper could look like on it. I tried a scrap of paper and I liked the effect.

The next step was choosing a template to use. I thought about having a whale of a time. The whale is one of the easier shapes to cut out. It was also easy to draw around. I even managed to cut two whales out of an A6 piece of white paper. One of the whales was stuck it to the card using a glue stick. That way it would not move around in the frame.

I had tested the A6 card against the frame and thought that it would fit. I tried putting it into the frame and found I had to trim a few millimetres off the long side. That was the only way to make the card lie flat. It did not matter that the edge was not straight as it was hidden behind the frame.

Turn it over and wow that whale looked fantastic. A lovely picture with simple classic lines.


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