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One of the ways that we can support others is by helping them develop their own challenges. These are an amazing way of helping find the right people to help you get started with a support group, especially if your first aim is to gather interest online before launching either online or offline. Not only that, but the ideas you gain from starting this process will be really helpful if you want to develop a business, even one that uses both your crafting skills and your experience as a supporter in some way.

There is quite an art to designing and running a successful challenge. I have been learning from The Challenge Guy  Pedro Adao has run 48 profitable challenges over the past 2 or 3 years. I have been so impressed with what he has been doing that I decided to train as a challenge consultant.

The framework he teaches can be used by both early stage entrepreneurs and the largest of enterprises. Every business however big or small needs to launch or relaunch products or services and this is something that challenges can handle quite easily.

My background

To be honest I am going to leave the big guys to others and concentrate on the startups. After all, I  have the paper qualifications to help people start businesses here in the UK.

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to online business. I can remember the days when some people set up web sites for free only to find that they had so many visitors that their hosting service put a notice up saying come back next month when we will start counting again as they have used too much of our service this month. I was even around in the early days of Peggies Place a website that has been around since December 1995.

Yikes, that means I have watched the world of online marketing develop for over 20 years. I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly in that time. It takes a lot for me to jump on board a bandwagon as I have with challenges.

My journey into the prophetic has been nearly as long. In the deep dark days when I was a carer and barely able to cope I had the opportunity to do loads of training on basic prophetic skills. Over the years I have found them very useful in my personal life as I have journaled and even interpreted my own dreams. When I saw others using this gifting as a tool in their toolbox it was obvious that I could do the same thing.

Find your Purpose Love your Life

When I sat and thought about it I realised that I had another helpful tool. This time it was a book i.e. Find your Purpose Love your Life. I will be honest when I completed writing this book it felt as if something was missing. The last step as it were. Something that would take all the ideas generated from the questions and help people step forwards into the next stage of their life. As I looked at the possibility of doing these prophetic consultations I realised that they would be the next step.

Then I looked at Pedro’s system and realised how the two things worked well together. With early stage entrepreneurs he asks them to write out the same sort of information without giving people a questionnaire to prompt their thinking.

We have all seen questionnaires that are part of some kind of impersonal system asking if you prefer this more than that again and again before coming up with an answer. These consultations are a personalised system that mixes and matches ideas from two different worlds. What is even better was that the book contained ideas that helps people see things more clearly because it helps to clear out a layer or two of grime.

What we offer?

The full package for designing and helping people get started with a challenge is supposed to be $7500 or £5000. Pedro’s own basic training programmes to help you do it yourself start at £2000.

What I offer is a cut down version with no graphics with relatively little in the way of training and support.   However, this cut down version is enough to help you i.e. someone who is thinking about starting a business make far more rapid progress with a new venture than would be possible otherwise. It will also help you build on a firm foundation.

One of the three most important things to get right according to Pedro is working out exactly who you are serving. I must admit that listening to him teaching about this was a repeat of what I had heard many times over. Yet this time as he drove his point home it truly sank in.

I had heard again and again that the more clear you are on who you are serving and the more you can focus on a particular group the easier you will find it to get traction. Yet narrowing that down can be very difficult and many need an extra bit of support to do this. Actually, this does not just apply to those thinking about running a challenge but anyone getting a business off the ground. Guess what going through the questionnaires that are in Find your Purpose Love your Life book is extremely helpful, if you know how to use the information from the completed questionnaires.

The next step is working out how you are going to serve them, meet their needs or just work with them. In Pedro’s world, that means working out what product or service you can sell them via the internet as part of your challenge. In the world of Find your Purpose Love your Life, it could be what new sort of new job are you going to look for, what business you are going to set up or even what sort of community project will you set up.

Yes, I have not forgotten that this is the Everyone CAN Craft and the focus of this site is supporting the supporters. However, getting this right when setting up a project that promotes wellbeing is equally as important. Not only that but some supporters may be at the stage of looking for a fresh start or even thinking about what they will do after their caring role comes to an end.

What do get for your money?

You get an hour of personal attention to help you determine what comes next. Who should you be working with and should you be looking for a job or setting up a business (or a charity)? In other words, gain more clarity about what the next steps towards achieving your purpose should be.

You have the chance to work with someone who is working towards two different certifications i.e. a challenge consultant and a prophetic consultant. An ordinary consultant just has their experience and the known information to draw upon but a prophetic consultant has this but has an extra tool in their toolbox. A prophetic consultant uses a tool more common in the church world i.e. listening to the voice of God about a situation and then using what could be called insider information to help people find an answer to a problem.

Remember what I said about Pedro encouraging his trainee consultants to charge £5000 (or in his money $7500). Also remember that this is a slimmed down version of the package he asks consultants to offer. Therefore these consultations are on offer for £500. Yes, a tenth of what Pedro suggests a full package prepared by one of his consultants should cost. That is a bargain!

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