Do you know someone who used to knit but stopped after they had a stroke? Maybe they found that their heads didn’t do what they used to do.

    Would you like some tips on how to help them get started again?

    Hello, my name is Susan and I have been knitting for more decades than I care to remember. I have also run a craft group for people with profound disabilities.

    One of the deep sadnesses of my life is that I could not find a way to help someone close to me overcome a serious health challenge. I spent years racking my brain wondering what I could do to help them improve their situation.

    It was like knocking my head against a brick wall. No attempt at getting them help of any kind worked. The G.P. tried. The specialist at the hospital tried. A succession of ministers at different churches tried.

    What was worse was the cumulative effect of the bad advice I was given led to me struggling and probably needing a lot more help than I would have done otherwise. Being a carer is hard work.

    I have escaped that situation now but I have been looking around for ways that I could draw on that experience to help others. Eventually, I came up with The help them knit their lives together again challenge.

    The idea is to help people pick up their knitting needles again. The aim is to help you restore something that was once important to them back to their lives. This will bring them a wide range of benefits. So many that picking up the knitting needles again will become a watershed moment. A time when they can say before I started knitting again I was struggling and afterwards, I have a new and more positive outlook on life.

    To register for this free challenge fill in the form below.

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