Starting a movement

Everyone CAN Craft is a movement as much as it is a business.

It is a movement in the sense that the intention is that it moves people towards a way of seeing the world. We want people to see that you should support people and help them achieve things, in our case make or craft things, no matter what the limits to their abilities are. In the process, we want to craft a healing journey for people and places.

It is a business because it uses the mechanism of trade to stay self-sustaining. No begging for donations or expectation that people work without fair payment for their time and energy.

How do you start a movement?

You get people to taste and see. Online marketers have tried various ways of doing this over the years. A few years ago the most popular way was using online summits to educate people on a topic and encourage people to follow their ideas and work with them in some way. In more recent years product launches with a series of well-produced videos spread over a few days became the preferred method. In the last year or two, another method has gained prominence i.e. challenges run using Facebook lives.

Pedro Adao has been acknowledged as the go-to expert in terms of running challenges, not just for the big names but for those just starting out trying to get a movement or a business off the ground. This is something to do with running so many profitable challenges, 47 at the last count. It also helped that in 2020 when many businesses were struggling and had to change what they were doing dramatically to survive, many found that following his challenge model very helpful. It enabled people who thought their business was about to fail to turn things around so that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

What has this to do with Everyone CAN Craft?

One of the ways that Everyone CAN Craft tries to be self-sustaining is by joining affiliate programmes including Crush it With Challenges.

But how does helping people learn to run challenges fit with Everyone CAN Craft? Part of the vision for Everyone CAN Craft is to help people set up self-sustaining craft groups that serve a number of purposes including restoring people. Not just helping those who attend but also helping the leaders to use those groups as a means of restoring their finances so they can repay their debts, catch up with mortgage payments etc.

Want to find out how Pedro does it?

You can. The best way is to do a challenge his way and on March 22nd 2021 he is starting a new challenge. One that he wants to become an example of the best practices in terms of running a challenge.

A lot of big names have signed up as affiliates and have offered loads of additional bonuses. There is one thing that I can offer that they cannot do because they have so many customers i.e. a free breakthrough chat. You can get personal attention.

So to get access to Pedro’s challenge and a free Breakthrough Chat sign up below.



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