T-shirts with text and images printed on them

I have known about the idea of preparing T-shirts for years and it was always one of those things I might do one day. When I started to think of Everyone CAN Craft as a movement the first thing that struck me was that movements have ways and means of sharing their message. One of those means is to have clothing that supporters could wear.

The next realisation was that messages put on a simple T-shirt impact both the wearer and the people who see them wearing T-shirt. The challenge then became finding images and words that would have the desired impact.

Once the challenge of choosing images and adding text was overcome, the next challenge became what colour T-shirts to put them on. Depending on the style of T-shirt I chose to use there were anything up to 40 different colours. I picked 8 colours for each design. Below you will see the basic designs but when you click on the read more button you will see the reasoning before that design and the range of colours of T-shirts it could be printed on.

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