Team work

It takes quite some skill to work as a team when the team members have such different levels of abilities. We cringed on the odd occasion when a more able person who had a lot of ability in an area took over. We would look at the craftee’s face and see how unhappy they were.

Teamwork was one of the things that we wanted to see at our offline craft group. It was something that we often commented upon when we saw it in action. We wanted to give both members of the team a sense of dignity.

Yes, both members of the team are important. The sad thing about caring for others is that all too often it is not regarded as a valuable activity for the simple reason that those with the money struggle to pay for its full value because of their issues. That leaves carers feeling devalued. Done well caring for others is an amazingly valuable occupation. Good care is priceless in the sense that it is beyond price.

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