These activity packs were designed by someone who used to run a craft group for people with learning disabilities. They are intended to be used by a team of two, a craftee and a supporter.

Unconditional regard

OK, unconditional regard sounds very professional, doesn’t it? What the church and family counselling world is more comfortable using is unconditional love. Love has a …
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Take small steps

Those are huge steps for a small child, aren’t they? The thing is that it is only by moving from one step to the next …
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Recognise achievements

It sounds unbelievable but there are adults who have been given certificates of completion for doing a course to help them count up to three. …
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Engagement is essential

An engagement ring like this is the sign of a very precious agreement, i.e. an agreement to get married and stick by each other through …
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Autonomy for all

Many of us like to make decisions for ourselves. In fact, if we do not make decisions for ourselves we feel like slaves or worse …
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