Will it fit?

There is nothing worse than ordering something and then when it arrives finding that it does not fit. I must admit that I have shorter than average arms. When I used to use a simple knitting machine to make things for myself I had to learn how to adjust the pattern to shorten the sleeves. Otherwise, I was at risk of having a sleeve that did not stop at my wrist.

How I checked?

As I am aware that there could be a problem I check the sleeve measurement as well as the width and length of the body when buying jumpers and sweatshirts online.

The first step is to find a sweatshirt that fits and is a similar style, especially a similar style in the shoulder area. Fitted sleeves and sloping raglan sleeves can be measured in different ways.

The next step is to get out the tape measure and measure that sweatshirt in the same places as the diagram on the website. All I need to do then is compare the measurements I took to the measurements in the table

Not everything will fit everyone

I did this with the Charger sweatshirt and realised that the sleeve would end up at my fingertips. Oops, there was I trying to develop an inclusive website and I managed to exclude myself. That is why the Charger is not the only style of sweatshirt on this website.

The amazing thing is that we are all made differently therefore we don’t all have the same challenges. My sister has the opposite problem to me with sleeves. She finds it hard to find clothes with sleeves that are comfortably long enough for her. So despite the Charger range not fitting me I have kept it up on the site in case it does fit someone else.

The moral of this story

Measure then check your measurements against the size chart for the garment you are thinking of buying before ordering. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and upset if you do.

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