Sharing ideas

Reading books is an old fashioned way of sharing ideas that has changed the world over the centuries. One of the things that out founder Susan has done is write books.

Find your Purpose Love your Life

Leave the past behind and find a new and better future.

One of the first questions people are faced with when they are recovering from a life-changing event such as a divorce or a lost job is what do I do now. The aim behind this book is to revisit the past and take the sting out if it so that it it is easier to discover where to go next.

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

Principles for any woman who wants to change the world, thrive financially and still be a good wife and mother.

Imagine a world where women were able to build strong families, while running home-based businesses that enabled them to serve the community and provide them with the resources to do good works. Oh and in the process ensure that when the hard times come their family is better prepared than most.

Believe it or not that is what an ancient poem about the ideal woman suggests women should be aiming for. After reviewing the ideas in that people this book goes on to give some ideas on how to use them to transform society.

Everyone CAN Craft

How we got started crafting a healing journey for people and places starting with a craft group that enriched the lives of people with learning disabilities (and their carers)

This is the story behind the craft group that sparked Everyone CAN Craft.

The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

It is about building God’s Kingdom but it is not about doing church as we once knew it.

The church is called to be salt and light in the community and is expected to take an active part in the community and not just hatching, matching and dispatching. Yet so often it draws back into itself and struggles to do the things it is called to do.

The first part of this book looks at some of the things it is called to do and often has not done. The second part explains why the church should be supporting people to do the unthinkable i.e. set up businesses to serve the community.

Reinvent Yourself

Yes this is a business book but it is written by someone who has an amazing story of falling from grace and then rising again.

Knit for Health & Wellness

Betsan worked as a healthcare professional who wanted to improve the lives of people. She came a across a group of people that she wanted to help and tried introducing them to knitting and was amazed at the results. Was this really a tool that could help many people? The research that she did confirmed the idea that many people benefitted from knitting in more ways than she originally discovered in her own journey of helping people.

This book explains why knitting is so beneficial to so many people in such a way that both health professionals and ordinary people like me get it.

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