Making computers easier to use

Making computers easier to use might seem a strange thing to think about when you are thinking about crafting. The reality is that this website would never have been created without a computer. The items in the online shop were made by creating an image file on a computer and then sending that image file to the printer. For many people using a computer adds to their experience of crafting.

Using  a computer can be challenge if you have an additional need. It could be being dyslexic so reading is harder for you than most other people. If could be that your hand shakes. It could be that your eyes do not work as you would like them to.

Years ago I discovered a website that offered a variety of advice for people with additional needs about how to use a computer. When I was putting this website together I found that it was still up and running. Yes it had changed but it still offered good advice and had loads of ideas on how to make computers more accessible.  


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