These are the basic principles that we used when choosing activities and to run the original offline craft group.

Autonomy for all

Many of us like to make decisions for ourselves. In fact, if we do not make decisions for ourselves we feel like slaves or worse …
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Engagement is essential

An engagement ring like this is the sign of a very precious agreement, i.e. an agreement to get married and stick by each other through …
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Recognise achievements

It sounds unbelievable but there are adults who have been given certificates of completion for doing a course to help them count up to three. …
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Take small steps

Those are huge steps for a small child, aren’t they? The thing is that it is only by moving from one step to the next …
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Unconditional regard

OK, unconditional regard sounds very professional, doesn’t it? What the church and family counselling world is more comfortable using is unconditional love. Love has a …
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