Susan’s books

Find your Purpose Love your Life

This is the first book that Susan write and is designed to be used as the basis for rebuilding your life after it has been shaken to the point of some form of collapse.

The aim is to clear the rubble from that collapse and then once there is a space to build there is review of the reader’s design. Recognising that design will make it easier to rebuild in an appropriate way

Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society

This book draws on an ancient poem that describes a well trodden path to becoming a philanthropist.

Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

Wimps are ineffectual people and this manifesto is for those who are able and willing to do something to change the world.

Everyone CAN Craft

This was written to share what I learnt from running a special craft group for special people for four years.

It ends on a cliff hanger as no one knew what the future held, That future has now become the present, if you know what I mean. Everyone CAN Craft has become a social enterprise. It is officially a community interest company.

Preparing for a New World

Everywhere Susan turned people were saying that the rate of change had increased. For some it was the economic meltdown they expected as a result of choices made by various governments. For others it was the idea that a just God was purifying His church and dealing with corrupt leaders and generally keeping up the shaking things up to get the results He wants to see.

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