The benefits of crafting

I thought that this was obvious, too obvious to mention then someone asked me why bother making things when you can just buy them. Maybe it was not so obvious after all.

I thought a while and came up with a list of reasons why I believe craft activities are beneficial. So beneficial that they are used in mental health support groups and even in retreat centres as a therapeutic activity.

  • Making things can give people a sense of achievement. It helps them feel good about what they have created.
  • It provides a distraction. In a season, when there is a lot of negativity doing something positive to counteract it can be very helpful. For example, a loved one can be greatly missed so why not make a card for them.
  • It provides an alternative to parking people in front of the television.
  • It provides opportunities to interact with others.
  • People are able to do something for themselves for a change.
  • We all appreciate doing constructive activities.
  • It is a chance to do something a bit different from the normal routine.
  • It helps with concentration and other soft skills
  • It helps maintain or improve practical skills.
  • It provides a reason for the craftee to move. This is helpful if they need encouragement to stretch or use their hands.
  • It provides opportunities to talk about things like colours and positions.

Those are just a few of the benefits of doing craft activities. It would not surprise me if after reading that list you can think of some other ones.

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