The instructions are not chains

One thing I hate about activity packs is that very often you have to do that one thing and you have no choice. There is one way and that is the only way. I realised that I was not the only one. The few occasions when we used activity packs at our little craft group the afternoon lost its sparkle.

Guide not dictate

What worked best was to say we are going to make this thing today. We would then make an example and put out a variety of materials. They knew where they were going to go but they could make it their own. We provided ideas and support but then let them get on with doing it.

Week after week we were amazed at what people had achieved. Yes, it helped that in a group setting it was like iron sharpening iron. One person had an idea and that sparked someone else to have an idea. Sometimes it was the leaders who had ideas and other times it was the supporters. Having ideas and being able to act on them allowed people to flourish

They were not a slave to the instruction,s the design or the patterns. That is the way these activity packs have been put together the way they have been. There are ideas and suggestions on the web site that will help you come up with variations.

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