Living made easier with the right gadget


There is a very good specialist website that was set up to help people in the UK find gadgets that make life easier. When it comes to aids to help you craft there are so many and the choice of what to use depends on your individual circumstances. The Living Made Easy website will help you find ideas on where to find all sorts of useful stuff. The obvious things for crafting are pencils, scissors, grips and non-moving mats. In other words, the basics that you can use in a variety of ways. Well if you can hold a pencil you can hold a brush.

I discovered one thing on that site that was really helpful to one of our supporters. I knew that one of her problems was that she had shaky hands just like her father had had when he was her age. I saw a gadget on that site that made it easier to carry a full cup of something without spilling it. So good that some youngsters had used it for doing tricks with on TikTok. I told her about it and she (and her carpet) really appreciated it.

It is little things like that which make a big difference. So stop saying you can’t do something or tolerating a bad situation and go and have a look to see if someone is selling something that could make your life a bit easier.

This is not an affiliate link so it won’t help me financially but it will help you find all sorts of things that could make your life a lot easier and make crafting seem a more realistic proposition for you.  

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