Training for craft group leaders

Susan has looked at the idea of online learning in different contexts on and off for many years. It was included in the degree course she started but then struggled to complete. She still ended up with a Post Graduate Diploma in Multi Media Applications. Courses were one of the things that online marketers liked to be able to sell so she saw it from that perspective. Then some of the tutors she worked with organised in-service training for those interested in online learning. She has watched the idea develop in leaps and bounds over the course of the 21st century.

The Everyone CAN Craft Club website is set up so that it can offer online courses and even a resource library. a start has been made on various courses (i.e. the textbook for the course has been written) it is a matter of finding enough learners and setting a time when the courses can be taught.

If you are interested use the contact page to let us know.

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